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next project

a suggestion of my flat mate antje… a machine that plays entrance music when someone comes inside. got to be a stand alone project, so i need arduino to be able to actually play music without a computer attached.

and still got to think of a way to make it slightly more clever than that. hm. suggestions?


twittering the lights

twitter newsfeed

arduino works as a stand alone computer here, sitting in our corridor and watching the lights. when ever the lights are turned on or off, arduino will twitter accordingly. it will try to be a bit funny in its comments and also count the number of times lights have been switched on or off. clearly, a machine that nobody needs, but still fun and a good way to bring the physical world into the internet digital world.

<– click here to view the twitter news feed of the test run during 16 hours.

below a photo of the hardware and how it actually looked like in our corridor.


twitter the light

twitter the light


the arduino ethernet shield sits on top of the arduino. then the basic setup is quite straight forward: a light sensor is plugged into 5v on one side. the other side is connected to a 10k resistor, as well as an anologue pin. from the resistor a third cable goes into ground (see fritzing image). this is done to split the voltage.

here you can find my coding for the project. i used the arduino twitter library by neo cat to make twittering easy and comfortable. it works pretty well and is easy to setup. a slight problem is that twitter tends to forbid the same posting twice or several times in a row. so you have to make every tweet unique.

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birthday canon machine

this is a musical machine i built for astrids birthday, again using the same controller with three push buttons. if you press one of the buttons the canon will start and you can add the other voices accordingly. however, you need to get the timing right in order to sound like a nice canon. pushing the button again turns the voice off. (video link)

three push buttons in one controller, connected to arduino via ground and a digital pin each.

i’m using processing to do this, meaning that my laptop is actually playing the file, not arduino itself. here you can find the processing code i wrote. for instructions on how to get arduino to communicate with processing and vice versa, check arduino playground. also it needs the minim audio library installed.

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led controller

a controller with three push buttons controls three leds. (video link)

led controllerled controller

led controllerhardware
i use a controller with three push buttons (see above). the cables of the push buttons are connected to ground and to one digital pin each. three leds are connected to ground on their cathode, and through a 220 ohm resistor going to a digital pin each on the anode (see fritzing image).

here you can find the source code for this incredibly exciting project ;-). maybe it’s useful for someone…

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custom controllers

DEMOCRACY controllera controller based on the great construction work of michael l. đŸ˜‰ we used 30 of those for the interactive performance DEMOCRACY in 2011 and michael had done amazing work putting them together. it has got three push buttons which I already re-used in a couple of projects (see following posts: led controller, birthday canon machine).
controller with switch, push button and potentiometer

based on this controller i build my own by adding two new items: one on/off switch and one potentiometer. that controller now entails three basic control mechanisms (two digital, one analogue) in one device to play around with.
game controller fritzing

below is the prototyping bread board setup to make it work with arduino.

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blinking led

just for the record… this was my first blinking led programmed in arduino. fun times.

first blinking led

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physical computing and arduino

this is a blog about my experimentation with physical computing and arduino in particular. i am just starting with this technology and will document my projects here. i build random machines, as well as musical instruments and create art installations and interactive performances. more info on my artistic work can be found here:

i will be publishing images and videos of my projects on this blog, as well as source codes where appropriate. everything published here is considered open source and in the public domain. it can be used, altered and shared with no limitations.

for more info on arduino please visit:

on a different note… i’d like to greet a few people whom i worked with in the past in that area. they basically done all the electronics in hardware and coding for my projects and it’s just now that i fully realise how much work this is. so thank you… amy, craig, jason, michael & neill … for these wonderful projects: K.ONTROL, DEMOCRACY & HA – SHARING BREATH. i will post something about those works and the technology involved on this blog soon as well.

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