lcd display shield

lcd display shieldinspired by the workshop in paper pcbs i built a shield for my lcd display. it was always confusing to me which of the 12 cables go where, so this shield makes it as easy as plug’n’play to work with arduino. it has got a resistor at the right value added instead of a potentiometer, so that the display has got the correct contrast.


lcd display shieldlcd display shield

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2 thoughts on “lcd display shield

  1. Konrad says:

    Nice idea! Out of interest, how did you calculate the running time? My understanding is that the sleep/cycling of the main loop isn’t an accurate timing mechanism.

    • dynamicboost says:

      thanks. there is a function called millis() [] that returns the milliseconds since the program started to run. i haven’t checked it for accuracy but it seems to work quite well. might also be less reliable the more the processor has got to work with the rest of the code. however, i would assume that it is appropriate for most purposes.

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