the third performance using arduino was probably the one where i got closest to my vision of an open work. with the buttons in K.ONTROL and DEMOCRACY it is still a very rigid setting, just allowing a certain option at a certain time but no fluent or organic interactivity.

HA | SHARING BREATH (2011) was an interactive performance installation exploring breath as a core life essence. audience’s heart beats and breath rhythms were monitored and instantly transfered into a a visual breathing of the space and a living sound scape. a dancer improvised to those shared sounds – sharing his breath as well. i see HA | SHARING BREATH as an attempt to make the invisble tangible. (video link)

the performance was created for an intimate audience setting with three audience members being hooked up: two of them had a breath sensor belt around their chest and one an infrared pulse sensor. through an arduino those values were brought into max/msp. at the beginning of the performance these sensors were calibrated and then would trigger and manipulate sounds according to the audience’s breathing patterns and pulse rate. the pulse would always be the beat, a sub-bass, whereas both breathing sensors would trigger different harmonics, evolving over time. the performance itself was ten minutes long, but the installation as a whole could be visited throughout the day. more info on the performance can be found on the HA | SHARING BREATH website.

again amy and craig worked on this one, here mainly on hardware and getting the signal into max/msp. jason, the sound designer, has done the programming in max as well as all the sounds for it. he has got an image of the max patch on his website. thanks guys.

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